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1. Google Apps for Educators2. Google for Educators (Note links on left hand side: Classroom Activities, Posters, Tools for your classroom, etc.)3. Google App Handouts for Educators (Click on the individual files; download as .pdfs as you see fit)4. Google Docs Tips and Resources5. Google Docs Training Center
6. Guide to Going Google
7. Learn.Google Training Videos
8. Google Apps Training Videos
9. Google Apps Training Center10. Admin Learning Wiki - Google Docs Resources11. All things Google - Google Resource List12. Googlefest - Google Resources13. Automatically Grade Your Google Documents14. 40 Ways to Use Google Apps in the Classroom15. 100 Google Tricks that will save you time in school16. Google templates for student projects17. Technology for Teachers - Google Apps Resources and Tutorials18. Google Docs how-to's from Digital Inspiration19. Educational Technology Guy's Compilation of Google Resources and Tips20. Google Doc You Tube Channel and Tutorial21. Ask the Gooru!! -- Google Apps Help
Need to Merge Your Google Accounts?1. Conflicting accounts in Google (ex. You now have two accounts listed as 'youremail@qcsd.org'.)A message appears for those needing to merge accounts.
In a nutshell, to merge accounts:
- Log in to Google Apps (this will bring up the new temporary account.)
- Share (with editing rights) any document you want keep, with your email address (new Google Apps account).
- Go through the steps to ‘merge your account’ as outlined by Google upon sign in.
- Delete your temporary account. Information on how is here.
- Accounts are 'merged' and the temporary account is now deleted.

Using Google Chrome(Using Google Chrome is recommended while using Google Apps.)1. Apps and Web Extension Presentation2. Chrome Ninja Tips3. Check out some Chrome Experiments4. Switching from IE to Google Chrome5. FAQs for Chrome
Uploading Files in Google Apps (Storing in the Cloud)1. Google information on storing files
Google Document:1. Google Doc: A Love Letter - Collaboration Example2. Creating and editing documents (video)3. Advanced Google Docs features (Video)4. Google Docs in the Classroom - Blog
Google Presentation:1. Epic Google Docs Presentation - Collaboration Example2. Creating and editing presentations (video)
3. Embedding video into a presentation (video)

Google Forms:1. 80 Uses of Google Forms in the Classroom2. Creating a Form using Google Docs (Video)
Google Sites1. Working with Google Sites
Issues Printing?Apps_Printing_Information.PNG from Tom on how to solve the problem.

QCSD Google Apps Pilot** (Pilot Members only please)Facilitators: Chad Evans, Tom Murray, Joe Kuzo1. Google Sites Apps Pilot2. Google Apps Teacher Survey (Apps Group Only)3. How Google Apps have helped us collaborative project