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1. Rockingham County Public SchoolsBroken down by grade level; Technology Integration
2. Quakertown SMART Board WikiMany SMART Resources Listed (created by Robin Ellis)
3. PBWorks SMART Resources
4. Every Day Math SMART Resources
5. Various SMART resources (shared from Principal in Wisconsin)
6. Longwood Central School District (Various)
7. Willoughby, OH School District (Various)
8. Graphic Organizers
9. Internet4Classrooms SMART Board Resources
10. Lee Summit School District List of Various SMART ResourcesMany Resources Listed
11. SMART Math Lessons
12. Primary Resources Site
13. BBC Math Resources
14. BBC Grammar, Spelling, Reading, etc.
15. Center School District SMART list
16. SMART Blog with Various Activities
17. SMART Board Revolution NINGDiscussion Threads; A Social Network/PLN
18. Resources shared by Kristen Swanson (updated frequently)
19. Cyberman’s SMART Resources – A librarian’s compilation of sites
20. Russell Street School WebsiteA variety of math resources by Standard
21. iSMARTBoard – A list of game, lessons, and activities by grade level.
22. SMART Exchange- Find SMART board lessons and connect with teachers.
23. SMART Board Goodies- A blog created by a trained SMART board teacher. Great activities and resources.
24. Get Smart with Smartboards Podcast

1. Mimio Website
2. http://mimiolessons.staffordpublicschools.wikispaces.net/