QCSD Videoconferencing Contacts: Chad Evans, Joe Kuzo
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- The above link is a protocol for both free
and paid video-conferencing request.

- The link at the left, is the main site by
which we can request programs for
2011-2012. There are outstanding programs
on the CILC website.
(called a content provider)
Video Conferencing allows students to :
- take virtual field trips to museums and other sites around the country and world without ever leaving their classroom.
-connect with students across the district, state, country, and world who also have access to the hardware.

Video Conferencing allows teachers to:
- professionally develop with many colleagues at one time.
- connect with other colleagues around the nation and world.
- help expand the walls of their classroom.

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Additional Places to search for programs:
VC Content Providers
VC Content Providers (BCIU Recommended)

Any museum or government organization
who receives federal funding and chooses to
provide videoconferencing as an educational
resource, is typically FREE.
Smithsonian Institute

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